Diving & Snorkeling

Diving in southern Sri Lanka

The diving season begins in November and runs through April. A vast reef abounds making it
possible for divers and snorkelers alike to enjoy its beauty. The reefs and wrecks are a haven for
many different types of fish, corals and turtles. The southwest coast boasts clear turquoise waters
with average temperatures of 27.7º - 28.1º C (81.9º-82.6ºF) and water visibility of nearly 10

Many of the best dive sites, including large sunken wrecks, lie north of Hikkaduwa off the coast of
Seenigama. Dive Seenigama, Dive Lanka is the closest dive centre to these sites making for
shorter boat times and a relaxing surface interval on our tranquil beach.

Popular Dive Sites

• SS Conch
• Earl of Shaftesbury
• Black Coral Point
• Bandal Bro

SS Conch

Type : Wreck
Depth: 20M
Boat Time: 45minutes
The most popular dive site in the area and a must see! One of the first oil tankers, SS Conch sank on 03 June 1903 after colliding with rocks – even today, the barrels of oil can still be found with the wreck. It is one of the most amazing wrecks in the Indian Ocean. One can enter the cabin, where many fish have made their home and rays of light giving an eerie glow. Swim around the majestic great hull, still intact, and examine the half-buried anchor. This is an atmospheric dive, highlighted by the huge schools of bannerfish which swim past, and beautiful soft coral growing inside the aged wreck. There have been many a sighting of green turtles, wrasse, titan triggerfish, parrotfish, lionfish and scorpion fish.

Earl of Shaftesbury

Type: Wreck
Depth: 12-14M
Boat Time: 35 minutes
One can learn more about the legacy of British seafaring after a dive around the wooden Earl of Shaftesbury wreck, which sank on in 1893 and on this scenic dive you can swim around her hull and four masts. There is rarely current around this site so you are free to explore with ease. If you peer through cabin windows you can see which creatures have resided there over the last century. The sandy floors are also homes to stingrays, snappers and groupers.

Black Coral Point

Type: Scenic Rock
Depth: 30M
Boat Time: 20 minutes
Near the shore, Black Coral Point is a fascinating landscape of tumbling rocks, with marine life visible in every crack and crevice. Look for a Moray Eel rearing his head or simply wonder at the dusting of Black Coral Trees, which are actually white! And don’t forget to look out for crabs and shrimps here too. This dive site is great for photographers looking to hone their macro skills.

Bandal Bro

Type: Wreck
Depth: 10M
Boat Time: 15 minutes
A shallow dive, the Bandal Bro wreck is accessible for everyone. Once a steam ship, the wreck is, at 200 years old, one of the oldest wrecks in Sri Lanka! So you won’t be surprised to see her skeleton, rising dramatically out of the seabed, each spine a magnet for tiny, beautiful corals. You can get a good look at her engine inside the pump house, and here is where clusters of fish roam. Fish identified here include butterfly fish, parrotfish and batfish.


Just a short swim away from our beach cove is the 300 year old Seenigama Devol Devalaya, a popular Buddhist Temple visited by many locals and tourists every day. It is the only Buddhist Temple located in the sea! You can swim around the island exploring all the sea creatures that live amongst the rocks and reef. This site is ideal for our divers who are in need of a refresher course or are discovering scuba for the very first time. The site is shallow and easily accessible from the dive centre.

Come visit us and begin your underwater adventure!

Foundation of Goodness

The Foundation of Goodness aims to narrow the gap between the urban and rural sector in Sri lanka through a holistic approach using productive activites,thereby empowering over 35,000 lives across 200+ villages via 30 sectors in action free of cost annually.



Diving & Training Centre

Opened in August 2008 thanks to funding from IYF/Nokia ,in a grand ceremony with special guest US Ambassador Mr Robert Blake,this centre provides professional diving training for rural youth.