Success Stories

Meet Nishantha, who was priviliged to be part of one of our former training groups and now works as a research officer at the Maritime Archaeology Unit in Galle.

Dear Sir,
I believe that you’ll be able to recollect me; I’m Nishantha who was selected to the university as the first student from your scholarship programme. I’m writing this letter to inform you that I have been selected to work as a research officer at Maritime Archaeology Unit at Galle.

After my father’s death I had to face a lot of financial difficulties in my further studies. Without any hesitation you came forward to help me with my degree and also gave me the opportunity to follow a professional diving course. I would like to pay my heartfelt gratitude to you and all the other staff members of the Foundation of Goodness and the diving training centre for helping me.

Yours Faithfully

Foundation of Goodness

The Foundation of Goodness aims to narrow the gap between the urban and rural sector in Sri lanka through a holistic approach using productive activites,thereby empowering over 25,000 lives across 50+ villages via 30 sectors in action free of cost annually.



Diving & Training Centre

Opened in August 2008 thanks to funding from IYF/Nokia ,in a grand ceremony with special guest US Ambassador Mr Robert Blake,this centre provides professional diving training for rural youth.